Amazon will be for you what you want it to be

Amazon opens up opportunities for anyone worldwide who wants to work together to market amazon products, so for every product sold through the affiliate, the affiliate gets explicitly commissioned with the terms and conditions set by amazon. An alternative for additional income for friends by being an amazon affiliate.

Advantages of Amazon affiliates:

The amazon affiliate programs offer you a series of advantages worth considering. Being an amazon affiliate will incur you so many benefits, which are listed below:

  1. meager investment: access to the amazon affiliate program is free. You need to have a website. This implies buying a domain and contracting a hosting service. Or you may already have a website or blog about a topic or want to start including affiliate links.
  2. low maintenance required: affiliate marketing is a way to generate a passive income. Once you create the articles, work on SEO, add affiliate links you forget, and the web works for you.
  3. it is intuitive and easy to use: you can create your affiliate links very quickly and choose between different display options: text links, images, or both. Once your affiliate website is set up will also become easy for you to track what is happening since amazon provides tools to analyze which products sell best and what your conversion rate is.
  4. 4. the brand inspires confidence: for users, amazon is a brand recognized worldwide and has made it possible for people to buy all kinds of products on the platform with complete confidence
  5. 5. your catalog is endless: the amazon catalog offers you many options from various categories and is constantly updated. In addition, the platform allows you to access data on which products are selling the most and what comments users leave about them.
  6. 6. you receive commissions for all sales made from your links: amazon affiliate programs’ commission percentage ranges from 3-10% for each sale made.

being an amazon affiliate

 How to share amazon links on social media?

 In addition to your website, you also have a community of followers on social networks. If you manage business profiles on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, youtube, or other social networks, you can use those platforms as additional channels to share your amazon affiliate links.


Once you become an amazon affiliate, you have a great chance to get started with affiliate marketing; once you get a decent amount of traffic, it’s worth looking into other programs that may offer higher commissions for the same products. Although amazon generally converts more, it is often possible to increase earnings by joining different affiliate programs thanks to the higher commission rates.