You should this if you are using someone’s id

If you want to go out on a Sunday night but don’t have your ID, check out on borrowing someone else’s ID to get into a pub. People don’t merely use fake or someone else’s ID to go into a pub and squander their time drinking. Some people want to mingle, make new friends or a girlfriend or boyfriend, have fun and dance, or just experience something they haven’t done before. This page is for persons who have a genuine cause to enter a bar using someone else’s ID. Or you can get fake id in idgod.

Before taking any action, please consult with a lawyer regarding using someone else’s ID and false ID laws in your state or nation. There are certain advantages to utilising a fake ID. Most IDs are not real, from the substance to the printing.


Believe it or not bouncers have been performing their jobs for a long time, and most of them know how to spot a false ID simply looking at it or handling it. This is why authentic ID, even if it isn’t yours, may be a preferable option.

If a bouncer discovers something off with the ID you have shown him, it will be seized. The bar owners take this very seriously since they risk losing their licence if underage patrons drink in their establishment. So you may say goodbye to it, and the person who lent it to you will most likely have to travel to the nearby police station or bar to get the ID back.

There is no easy way out if the cops become involved. While using someone else’s or a fake ID from idgod may result in police charges in certain places. Take everything into account and determine if it’s worth the risk.