Creating a Statement Wall with Wallpaper: Tips and Tricks for Singapore Homeowners

Introduction: A statement wall can add personality and visual interest to any space, and wallpaper is a versatile tool to achieve this effect. This review article will provide valuable tips and tricks for wallpaper singapore homeowners on creating a stunning statement wall using wallpaper. With the right techniques, you can transform your space into a captivating environment that reflects your style and taste.

Choose the Right Wallpaper:

Look for wallpapers with bold patterns, vibrant colours, or unique textures to make a statement.

Consider your room’s overall theme and aesthetic to select a wallpaper that complements the existing decor.

Ensure that the wallpaper material suits the intended space, considering humidity and durability.

Select the Ideal Wall:

Identify a wall that naturally draws attention or serves as a focal point, such as the one behind the sofa or the wall opposite the entryway.

Ensure that the wall is free from imperfections or damages that may affect the final look of the wallpaper.

Opt for a Single Wall:

Create a more impactful statement by focusing on a single wall rather than covering all the walls in the room.

This approach helps maintain balance and prevents excessive patterns or colors from overwhelming the space.

Consider Scale and Proportions:

Consider the size of your room and the scale of the wallpaper pattern.

In smaller rooms, opt for smaller patterns or designs to avoid overwhelming the space.

For larger rooms, bolder patterns and larger-scale designs can create a dramatic effect.

Pay Attention to Lighting:

Consider how lighting, both natural and artificial, affects the appearance of the wallpaper.

Test the wallpaper samples in different lighting conditions to achieve the desired effect.

Lighting can significantly impact the colors and textures of the wallpaper, so it’s essential to consider this.

Installation Techniques:

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions or hire professional installers for the best results.

Properly prepare the wall surface by cleaning and smoothing any imperfections.

Take your time during installation; ensure the wallpaper is applied smoothly and without air bubbles.

Coordinate with Other Elements:

Coordinate the furniture, accessories, and color scheme with the statement wall to create a cohesive and harmonious look.

Consider the balance between the wallpaper and other decorative elements to achieve a visually pleasing outcome.


Creating a statement wall with wallpaper Singapore homeowners to infuse their living spaces with personality and style. By choosing the right wallpaper, selecting the ideal wall, considering scale and proportions, paying attention to lighting, using proper installation techniques, and coordinating with other elements, you can achieve a stunning statement wall that becomes a focal point in your home. Let your creativity shine and transform your space into a captivating environment that reflects your unique taste and personality.