Roles of Immigration Services

Immigration services are typically private companies that provide guidance to individuals looking to immigrate or relocate within the US, whether for marriage, visiting relatives, or other personal reasons. These immigration services assist with applications, interviews and paperwork as well. Here is what theseĀ immigration services in Victoria, BC entail:

Facilitate the entry of immigrants

Immigration services accept and record requests for immigration assistance, screening applicants to determine their eligibility. Furthermore, they provide assistance with forms and appointments.

Assist applicants

Immigration services offer guidance to applicants seeking immigration benefits such as citizenship, green cards and visas. They assist potential immigrants through the application process and prepare all necessary paperwork on their behalf.

Provide support

Immigration services assist immigrants after they arrive in the United States. They assist with updating applications, offering advice to clients whose applications have been denied, and answering questions regarding immigration forms and regulations.

Provide knowledge

Immigration services help clients understand every step of the U.S. immigration process, from filling out forms accurately to representing themselves properly in interviews at U.S. government offices abroad or within America.

Provide support and information to clients

Immigration services provide their clients with advice and schedules of locations where U.S. government offices are situated, as well as housing, health-related services, employment opportunities and other resources to enable them to start building personal lives quickly in either their new home country or state within the US.

Provide clerical assistance

Immigration services assist clients in the preparation and mailing of documents such as passports and visas. They also compose letters of correspondence to government agencies in support of clients, request additional documents, and schedule appointments for clients.

Provide referrals

Immigration services assist clients by connecting them to other immigration-related agencies, such as attorneys specializing in immigration law, hospitals, physicians and other service providers.

Provide assistance in achieving status adjustment or transfer of status

Immigration services assist immigrants who need to modify the status of their immigration documents or keep them up-to-date. Furthermore, they assist immigrants in filing immigration petitions.

Provide information and advice

Immigration services provide clients with information on topics of particular concern, such as eligibility requirements and how to apply for benefits or renew entitlements. They also set up client advisory boards which can offer feedback on their clients’ needs.

Provide coordination and advocacy

Immigration services assist clients in obtaining full or limited immigration benefits or status adjustments by working closely with local government offices to facilitate individual cases, including licensing for businesses in the U.S., school enrollment, driver’s license renewal, health care access and other commonly utilized social benefits.