Advantages of Using Benchtop Centrifuges in Clinical Operations

Benchtop centrifuges are the equipment used in the clinical laboratory for biological sample testing. Since the design of the instrument is compact it can accommodate easily on the bench and avoids the consumption of much space. Most benchtop centrifuges are designed as automated ones hence the instrument can quickly change the rotors by themselves and make the process easy. These kinds of centrifuges are more efficient for laboratory use. Since it is a laboratory instrument made with quality materials that have minimum resistance to chemicals as well as heat. The performance is also consistent and the performance analysis could not be mentioned clearly since that may differ a bit based on the manufacturers.

benchtop centrifuges

  • Benchtop centrifuges are designed for the safe operation of opening and closing the lid of the instrument to minimize the potential pinch. Also, the automated lid opening and closing deliver extra protection. A proper grip placement also supports handling the instrument easily and can be relocated to the other place conveniently. The features provided in the chamber of the instrument ensure the careful loading and unloading of the samples.
  • An advanced interface technology provided with the instruments and also the touch screen facility made the operation easy and efficient. With this display and the interface, the operation can be easily tracked. The timer included in the system will help them to operate based on the time. The included program makes the centrifuges operate when the person is available in the lab. Otherwise will not function hence it saves a lot of energy and also increase the lifetime of the instrument.

Since the instrument is a benchtop, the samples that are required for analysis are fewer, and also the diagnosis can be done quickly without taking more time. Versatile rotors present in the instrument make this for a number of applications. The accessories present in the instrument en