Get rid of acne with the best therapy using laser

It is common practice to include therapies for acne scarring into acne treatment regimens. However, it is strongly advised that these treatments not be started until after the underlying acne has been controlled and is no longer actively flaring up. In addition, numerous sessions of acne scar laser treatment may be required to aid in the total removal of scar tissue from the surface of the skin. This is because removing scar tissue from the skin’s surface may take a significant amount of time.

A topical anaesthetic cream is first put to the face and allowed to remain there for half an hour before the laser treatment begins.

During the fractional CO2 Laser process, which will last between ten and fifteen minutes depending on the patient’s health, our doctor may treat the patient’s whole face or simply select portions of the patient’s face. The time the procedure takes will also depend on the patient’s health.

the procedure that involves the fractional CO2 laser performing therapy

acne scar laser treatment

Using the laser creates several micro thermal zones inside the region being treated. This is accomplished by directing a large number of beams about the diameter of a hair deep into the layers of your skin, where they generate a large number of minute regions of thermal damage.

It destroys scar tissue and collagen that has been damaged without harming the tissue surrounding the affected area. It promotes the development of new collagen, which helps regenerate new tissue.

When you are in the “healing phase,” it is conceivable that your dermatologist may recommend that you use topical lotions in addition to other medical treatments for acne. This is to ensure that you are assisting the acne healing process in addition to the laser therapy so that you may get the greatest possible outcomes from both treatments. They might also recommend a new skincare regimen for you and urge you to drink more water, both of which could assist in keeping the moisture level of your skin healthy and clear it of the toxins and debris caused by living a regular life