How to register for lalamove driver?

The top 2 app-based logistics systems are Lalamove and Deliveree, both of which are aggressively recruiting new drivers and seeing rapid growth. You can make IDR 300,000 per day as a Lalamove motorbike driver, according to the website’s quote. Car drivers should receive between 300,000 and 500,000 IDR. The daily wage range for heavy truck drivers is IDR 700,000. Of course, if you take orders more frequently, this number will rise. Sometimes you have to pay a toll or parking fee in advance when receiving an order, then ask the client to refund you. Customers don’t always want to replace your money, it happens. If you submit sufficient documentation in support of your claim, Deliveree will reimburse you for any outstanding expenses. Lalamove regrettably does not provide such a guarantee. Direct ordering support is available from both Deliveree and Lalamove. You can only get in touch with Lalamove during the times specified in the table above. Deliveree offers more dependable direct booking assistance that is accessible around-the-clock to help you with any problems relating to your order. You can contact the driver support hotline for anything other than placing an order. You will receive news about bonuses, promotions, and much more every day. These are the Ketentuan dan cara daftar lalamove driver



Choice of Vehicle Type:

The sort of vehicle that is accepted is the next thing you need to understand in the series on how to register for Lalamove Driver & Deliveree. Because profits will vary depending on the type of car, be sure your vehicle satisfies the requirements and can be accepted on the platform of your choosing. Your ability to generate more money depends on the type of vehicle you drive. Deliveree is a superior platform for Fuso and Tronton drivers as compared to Lalamove. Both markets are less competitive than those for other kinds of automobiles. The more orders you can accept, the more money you can make. With a focus on same-day services and a number of benefits for small to medium orders, Lalamove was introduced. The variety of vehicles offered, from instructions on registering Lalamove motorcycles to medium lorries, reflect this. Additionally, your car needs to meet the requirements listed below. Only pick-ups and destinations in Jabodetabek and a few other significant Java Island cities are served by Lalamove. These major cities are currently particularly busy with Lalamove motorbike driver registration.